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It is a word that matters deeply to me and for me. Because really, it is not just a word – it is a way of living. Recently, I stepped into the experience of being out of integrity and the struggle in that moment was telling. I share it with you because it gives purpose to my next steps.

Just over a year ago; after knowing I was stressed at work; not in the best health; and still trying to “do everything”, I sat with a friend and her family in my Kids’ Yoga practice and were talking  about meals at home – an always telling feature of how a family connects (or doesn’t) around food. This family went on to describe that although they are often pulled in different directions that they do their very best to have family meals when possible.


“Commendable,” I observed. And as that special word left my mouth my body; my heart knew that I was out of alignment… not in posture, not in position, but in life. For there I was, sitting at 6:30pm celebrating a family that was doing their very best to hold up the value of togetherness while my own family was at home…eating dinner without me; while my friends were out having fun, without me; while relationships were blossoming and there were weddings and baptisms, and I myself, was not in a relationship because I did not have time.


Nine years after my own Awakening after my mom’s passing; the clarity that if healing was to come, it would be because of kindness. I kept saying I wanted kindness, compassion. So I stopped longing for it and started to become it.

My food changed. My inner monologues changed. My body changed. My clothes changed. My hair changed. My happiness changed. My desires changed. My understanding of who I was changed. My stories changed.

♥ My heart changed.


Every choice I made was based on kindness.


And then shamelessness. Trust. Beauty. Love. Sensuality. Pleasure. Devotion.


And I’m still going. We are going to go together.

There are a couple of stories that are beautifully intimate that I will share with you later; that are how I found my way to this desire to do the work inside of iterating together. How gorgeously simple it truly is.


What I can tell you in a more public view is this; the moment we accept what is, in another human or in our stories or in our pain, that moment will create a cascade of change and becoming.


Our emotions will untangle from right and wrong into trust. Trust that they can’t be wrong. Trust that they want to be seen. Trust that the way they are communicating is truth.

It isn’t a positive or negative journey. It is your journey of faith.

Right where you are now, whatever you have believed about yourself, whatever you long for. Faith that you can become the most amazing version of the person and life you see in your dreams and are afraid might never become true.


Kimberley Roles

Kimberlee Korner

Helping everyone achieve their own magic within...through wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness.


I want to Show you all that I have learned through my Journey so that you too can Manifest your best life ever!

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