30 Apr · Kim Roles · 2 Comments

Don’t Fear Your Fear: 3 Ways to Reframe Negative Thoughts

Are you afraid of your fearful thoughts?
It’s not uncommon for people who believe in the Law of Attraction and who are self-proclaimed Super Attractors to get really nervous when they have a fearful thought.
They think their negative thoughts will become their reality — and they get panicky about manifesting what they don’t want, which then strengthens their fear.
Take a deep breath. I’m going to clear this up.


20 Mar · Kim Roles · No Comments

New Moon Ritual

🙌🏻The new moon 🌚 March 24th

Since many of us are home and may have time for things we always wanted to do but “ didn’t have the time”
I wanted to post an excellent ritual for this New moon 🌚

The New moon is the time for planting seeds, setting intentions, and welcoming in all that we desire to bring into our lives.
The full moon is the time we let those things go that no longer serve us… but now is the time to plant 🌱 our seeds!! 🙌🏻


1 Feb · Kim Roles · One Comment

How to boost your beauty sleep 😍😍

YOU DESERVE A PEACEFUL NIGHTWe have a few suggestions you can try….


17 Mar · Kim Roles · 2 Comments

Smoothie bowls … I’m obsessed! 🍌🌰🍓🍑🥑

They literally make THE best meal anytime of day, and just quash all of those cravings! Plus they are superrr simple to make.

Once you have the recipes down you can make them into smoothies, or just literally make the mixture a lil thicker … pour it into a bowl .. this is your smoothie BOWL haha!

You can make it as light or filling as you like, i love to top mine with granola and berries and eat on a morning, really sets me up for the day and gives me that nice morning energy boost i often need haha!


12 Dec · Kim Roles · No Comments

ways to come back to center during holidays

It all starts with your INTENTION.
AND with knowing the process for integrating the energy of your Shadow / emotional triggers. Here are a few tips to help you through the holiday season:


9 Dec · Kim Roles · No Comments

How to Invite Loved Ones in Spirit for the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult when we’re missing someone we love. The spirits offer their presence not only during the season, but throughout the year. Here are some suggestions for feeling the loving support of the spirits and encouraging connection with them. Decorate. Many of us already have areas in our homes dedicated to those we …


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