Hopefully you have watched all 30 days of videos on how a slight shift in the words and phrases you use every day; can completely change the outcome of the desires you are trying to bring into your Life….

If not; you can always catch them on my Instagram page in the Highlights titled “Watch Your Words”


For your Convenience I have put together a pdf that you can add to your Manifestation Journals, notebooks, desk; or anywhere you might look for a Reminder!

The world’s greatest leaders and progressive thinkers have always used the power of words to transform our emotions to help inspire others toward their vision and create actionable change. From Winston Churchill’s focus on the “finest hour” to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s depiction of a “dream,” it’s evident that words shape our entire existence. But what about our own ability to use words internally to change our lives for the better – words that will ignite change, inspire action and improve our quality of life? Can changing your words change your life?

Our words are a vehicle for expressing and sharing our experiences with others, but do you may not realize the far-reaching impacts of the words you use on a daily basis.


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