Law of Attraction & Manifesting

Stay tuned for Workshops and Videos where I will share with you ways to bring you everything that you have been wanting you manifest all the time without even knowing.

A few possible examples:

  1. You are thinking about a song and then you turn on the radio and there it is.
  2. You are thinking about a friend and then they call or text you.
  3. You are remembering a scene from a movie you love and you turn on the TV and it is on.

We all manifest daily whether we are aware of it or not.


The second key – awareness. In order to manifest you have to be aware of what it is you want to manifest. I mean really aware. Aware to the point where you can smell, taste, touch, feel, see, and know that it is available to you in the NOW. All senses need to be involved.


The third key, get all senses involved. It has to be experienced as a part of you, not something outside of you. You must feel it into being. It is experienced with clarity and precision, so crisp and visceral that it feels as if it is happening right in this very moment.

An example for you:


About a year and a half ago I was not confident in my ability to create a living doing what I love and I started putting the energy out to the Universe that I needed to make more money. I asked, I prayed, I looked. It showed up. I received a few different opportunities to make more money – all of them doing things I did not want to be doing.


Now, some would say that God (Source, Universe, Divine – fill in your preferred higher power) was at work and answered my prayers. I completely agree. My prayers were answered but not in the way I was hoping they would be.


Why is that? It is because I was not aligning my energy with what I really wanted. Deep in my heart I knew I wanted to create a living doing what I love. However, that is not what I asked for in my request. I did take one of the opportunities, and felt my soul crying every single day because I was not doing what I felt in every cell of my being that I was supposed to be doing.


May 2017, I was at a breaking point. I left a good paying; yet stressful job of  years.


I knew I had a very hard road ahead to get my business where I needed it to be to replace that income…….. What did I do?


All too often I was stuck in this place of “if, then” internal dialogue. It was a constant track being replayed in my mind. I was tired of giving my perceived lack of time, energy, and money the leverage and not allowing myself to participate in the experiences in life that truly bring me peace, joy, and love.


In truth, I had to stop making choices that allowed the limiting beliefs to enjoy a comfy place inside my head.


While happiness is an inside job, you cannot continue to make choices that recreate the same patterns of fear, anger and sadness, and expect things to change.


That is like saying, ‘I want to lose weight’, but you continue to eat donuts and ice cream every day.


So, how did I break this cycle?


When we stop making excuses, we start making changes.


First, I fought like hell with my inner demons that kept pushing me back into old patterns and habits telling me, “You’re not good enough. Who do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve that?”.


Then I asked myself the following questions to get clear and dive deeper into the intentions behind the change.


  1. What do I want?
  2. What have I done about it so far? (This one was hard because I had to get really honest with myself. I had complained A LOT but had not been really willing to do the work.)
  3. How am I going to achieve it?
  4. Why do I want it?


“When your WHY gets bigger than your how, you will figure out the way.”- unknown


Finally, I began a meditation practice where I was envisioning my life exactly as I wanted it to be. Usually in my meditations I am trying to quiet my mind, so this was a new practice.  This form of meditation is a Manifestation Meditation practice, where you are not only envisioning the desire but you are feeling it into being.


Every decision I made was in alignment with my soul’s desire through accessing my intuition. I allowed my heart to be my guide and my head to facilitate the action. (Many blog posts to come about intuition.)


My result? In February 2018;  9 months after leaving that job, I replaced that income….I proved to myself that with dedicated effort, intentional action, and deep faith and trust that it is possible to make a living doing what I love by honoring the call of my soul.


I believe you can do the same. You have the innate power to manifest anything you desire.


A gift not to be taken lightly and used very mindfully. Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it!


If you are not into meditation, which I won’t go into my sales pitch right now on why it is vital, perhaps you will journal instead. If so, in an upcoming post I will share a journal prompt to use that will help in your manifestation practice

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