Thank you for being here…..We have a lot of Ground to cover so let’s get started!!

A little about me…..

I craved sustainable success. I wanted success that was fulfilling. I wanted to create massive income flows in the easiest, most resistant-free way I could think of.

And so I dug even deeper. I did more inner work.
And I sought out the mentors, the books, the courses, the seminars, and the only wealthy people I knew at the time to teach me what I was missing.
Time and time again, I was pointed to the fact that my money story was all screwed up. I was conditioned to think a certain way since childhood. I had beliefs inside me that were manifesting results that I didn’t want externally.  I quit my six figure Corporate job in 2017; because it was not aligning with my Soul’s purpose….. I had a bigger calling.

2018 was the year I said “enough is enough.” I knew I was meant for more, and I was going to find a way to achieve it.

I decided to dedicate 2018 to changing my mindset around money once and for all so that I could FREE myself of my limited thinking.

I decided that 2018 would be the year that I set my shit straight.
Not only that, but I decided it would be a year of business growth, a year of fulfillment, success, and a year of me ACTUALLY applying everything I knew about manifesting and the Law of Attraction to money.
I knew the basic principles but for some reason it never worked for money… and I couldn’t figure out why.
“What makes money special?”

Can you relate?

So I did the work. I worked through the resistance. I worked through the voice that kept telling me otherwise.
I ignored the voice in my head and turned on the tunnel vision to my studies.
I studied. I applied. I took fearless action.
Rinse & repeat.
And it freaking worked.
I created this version of KIM.
The version that is making more and more $$$$ in a businesses she is OBSESSED with.
The version that has the  travel, the  car, the designer closet, the relationship, the impact, and the life of her dreams.
I created this version of KIM who is absolutely  free


So what REALLY changed?
What was the big shift?

The big shift is exactly what inspired me to create this Program….this model “Kimberlee Korner” Alot of people think that is my name; the truth is I had just accumulated so much knowledge in so many areas of life that had piles of books, and tools, and crystals, and candles, and knowledge in every corner of every room and in ever nook and cranny of my mind; and needed a place to put it all….so I created Kimberlee Korner.

The strategies, the techniques, the alignment, the energetic mindset work… it was so revolutionary I knew I had to share it.
And so I did. I shared with those who were willing to learn.
I started to teach my 1:1 clients,
And THEIR finances transformed.
Then I watched as THEIR clients finances transformed.
Then I helped my students transform their finances too.

And meanwhile, it keeps working for me.

Now I Am Ready To
Share It With You.

You know that deep inside you were meant for a life of freedom, luxury, and fulfillment.
But for some reason?
You keep playing small. You keep sabotaging their really BIG vision of where they want to be financially. You see success, but it isn’t consistent AT ALL. It’s all over the place. Deep inside you know that there’s a multi-millionare version of yourself in there somewhere, but are struggling to find her/him.
Some are running into every course, but never taking the action to CHANGE, and doing more uneccessary work that they absolutely HATE. 

Why is this?

Why do we seem to be so stuck in our own ways around money and everthing else that we want?
Why do we continue with the limited thinking around it all?
Aren’t you tired of putting a cap on how much  you can have?

I see this as a HUGE problem and I believe
something needs to be done about it.

Especially since I know you’re here to impact the world in a much bigger way than anything you’ve ever imagined possible.

Down Arrow

And So, I’m Ready To

Take You With Me

On This Journey



Click Below to watch the live video I held regarding picking up energy that is NOT YOURS and how to protect yourself and your energy.  The secret to combating clutter is as simple as this:

“If an item doesn’t spark joy, dispose of it.”

I love it.

And I say go one step further…I apply this same concept to people, too…And wow.  “You can’t dispose of people like you do with things.”

And sure….You can’t dispose of people…..but you CAN remove people from your life who do not bring you joy.  This does not mean you just start blocking people when they say something you don’t like. (This isn’t Facebook.  Just because your best friend doesn’t agree with your politics, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.)

But you CAN actively remove people who I like to call – ENERGY VAMPIRES.

You know the type…….The people who call you every time something goes wrong in their life……and each day is a new thing that’s wrong.

My boss. My wife. My job. My mom. And it goes on.

Get a Grip!

These people are energy vampires and it’s smart to limit out exposure to them.  It doesnt mean you need some big meeting where you tell them you’re not friends anymore…….but maybe you should back away slowly.

One of the first steps I take when tidying up and eliminating items from my life is I pick it up in my hand one at a time, and ask “Does this item spark joy?”  If it does, keep it.  If not, dispose of it.

Now just don’t apply it to the items in your life….Apply it to the people in your life, too.

Scroll through your contact list and ask yourself, “Does this person create joy in my life?”  If the answer is no, just delete their contact information.

Watch to find out other ways to energetically remove ENERGY VAMPIRES from your life.  Clutter creates stress.  So do toxic people.  Dispose of both.



Ready to release the ethical cords holding you back from living your soul’s truth? We ALL have connections, ties, emotional burdens of outdated cellular karmic contracts which are not allowing our being to evolve and expand.We are expanding beyond that paradigm are are ready to step into a new way of being, co-creating and connecting with each other.
We no longer need to play out these roles, holding onto the emotional “story” which is re-creating that same reality.The time is NOW to do the inner work, to journey into the heart of the holographic structure of what the Universe is mirroring back to us.
It’s time to forgive, to let go, to hold compassion in our hearts for ALL that we have witnessed and take emotional responsibility for how we show up in our reality, looking through with our third eye, seeing beyond the matrix programming.
Join me for this deep cord cutting ceremony; make yourselves comfortable and in a place you wont be disturbed; where we shall be cutting ethereal cords to emotional situations of people, places and things.Surrendering the ego to the heart so that you can begin to let go of the past, the karma drama, the hurt, the pain, the shame, the guilt, the envy, the jealousy, the attachments, the expectations, the story, the beliefs.
Who could you be without the emotional connection to what is no longer serving you?Expanding daily in your heart, connecting to your soul, your truth, your purpose?
Witness the mirrors of reality in all it’s light for what it is truly trying to teach you, and view the experience through your eyes of the observer.  No longer crippled by the sabotaging belief to you have to suffer, that you have to wait to feel the emotional shift.

Everything is within YOU and this sacred journey will help to guide you through the illusion and straight into the connection of your heart. We will be processing at a quantum level as we connect to your higher self, your being, your truth and allow the etheric cords holding you back dissolve into the light with a clear understanding that this is done for you not against you.
If you are ready to feel better within your emotional being, connect on a deeper level to your truth, understand the need to open and expand your heart, release the story, no longer letting the karmic attachments hold you back, then join us for this powerful transition of receiving, expanding, releasing and witnessing yourself as the truth of you are you! Let your light body activate, let go and forgive those from the past, present & future to live in a space presently. Ground into your knowing for actionable change based upon your heart’s emotional guidance system and the Universal intelligence of your higher being. Cut cords with love, compassion, forgiveness, resolution and understanding

When you clear your Subconscious beliefs and patterns, and even better...replace them with new ones....your life will change.


Still having trouble manifesting your dream life?
Do you still feel stuck even after doing your fair share of affirmations and positive thinking?
Does it seem like the things you desire so deeply are always out of your reach?
These 10 steps are crucial
Truth is, it worries us just how many people struggle with the Law of Attraction. One study showed that only an astonishingly low 6% of people ever see the results they desire.
Manifesting shouldn’t be a difficult or painful process. That goes against the effortless and abundant flow of the Universe.
It’s why I want you to have this cheat whose sole mission is to help you manifest with greater ease.
It goes many layers deeper than the Law of Attraction, and explores frontiers of science, previously untouched.
It also offers a FAR more practical way to massively boost your manifesting abilities so you can finally live the life you deserve.
If you want to attract next-level abundance starting right now, you must get your hands on this video !!!!!!

10 Simple and Proven Steps on How to Live the Life of Your Dream


Finding the Root Cause to the Block of Your Abundance Activation……..

Get Control of Your Thoughts because they Influence your Feelings which Influence your Life and Your Manifestations!! Let’s Clear out these Limiting beliefs through the “Stories” you hold to be true for you!!…Click the next video…..



Intention Setting is EVERYTHING!!!!!

Today we are talking about setting Goals and Intentions!

Here is what I know for sure……

When I set a Solid Intention – when I decide what it is I am doing in the world, how much money I’m making, what kind of work I want to do, what kind of significant other I want to draw to me….No matter what it is,,,,, all the things get to come to me…..

So  Click on the video to hear more…..




Today I want to talk to you about bringing Harmony into Life…..creating more money manifesting …..more things into your reality in a relaxed way…and if I COULD SAY NOTHING MORE…. it would be the key component is IN A RELAXED AND EASY WAY”

So  Click on the video to hear more…..



My Favorite….One of the Most Important things you can do for yourself…JOURNALING!!!

These are some of my Journals in the cover of the Youtube video….These are probably over the last four years.  DO NOT feel like you can only write in them; I also print and stick pictures, quotes, prayers…whatever speaks to me so I know I won’t lose it and can ALWAYS refer back to it. I emphasize to always date your Journals so that even if all that you desire has not made it’s way into the physical yet; it is so uplifting to see how far you’ve come..!!
I speak of it numerous times throughout these modules….Let’s talk about the Importance!!

So  Click on the video to hear more…..



You might have read the title of this email and thought to yourself:

WTF is a magic check and WHERE can I get one?!


How on EARTH did you manifest $100K with a magic check? Tell me more!

Well this is a story I haven’t shared in a little while, but it was absolutely one of the most powerful moments I had in my manifestation journey.

About 5 years ago, I wrote myself a check.

A fake check that is.

I designed and printed out a fun little “pretend” check off of my computer and wrote down $10,000 to be manifested within the next 30 days.

I dated the check that same date — as if I already had the money ready to be deposited into my bank account.

I taped that check to the wall next to my computer at work. Just for some context, during this time in my life I was working a 9-5 desk job making about t $2,500 a month…

This check was quite a jump from where I was financially.

I slapped it right next to my vision board, and thought nothing else of it.

I continued to build my business, visualized money pouring into my life from all different avenues, and worked at my 9-5 per usual.

A month later I decided to transition to part-time hours so I could focus on my business more. With this transition, I had to move offices.

On the day I was leaving I noticed something…


My jaw dropped when I realized the outcome.

THAT same month, I brought in  OVER $10,000 in commissions.

Just a month ago, I generated LESS than $2,500. HOW on EARTH did I manage to have such a giant income increase in ONE month?!

Literally, the only thing that was different was writing myself this check…

It sounds crazy to think a piece of paper created the magical $10,000, but truthfully I believed to my CORE that the money I wrote on that check a month prior was already here. I not only set the intention and genuinely believed it already came true, but I let go of the outcome.

And here is the craziest part.

The following month, I wrote myself another check. This time I made it out for $20,000.

You can probably guess that YES, I manifested an EXTRA $10,000 …AGAIN!!

I started doing this every single month as my confidence grew.

$40,000? Manifested

$50,000? Manifested

$70,000? Manifested

The numbers continued to grow as I continued to write the checks.

But the one check that literally made me scratch my own head in disbelief was when I wrote the amount of $100,000.

The last year I worked my Corporate job…(before I quit; yes…I quit my Corporate job to work more on THIS……but my W-2 income was $108,000!!!!)

The proof is in the pudding. I am walking, breathing, living, PROOF that manifestation, on an EXPONENTIAL level, is possible.

Now, the checks ALONE did not bring the money to me. The WORK I did on my money mindset PLUS the BELIEF that the checks have already brought money into my bank account created the massive growth.  I have included this check in this bundle for you to print out…Give it a try…Remember Release, Rewire, Receive!!! XOXO

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