Free Money Meditation

Did you know that it’s your birthright to enjoy total health, abundance, and joy?


If you desire to:

  • Clear your limiting beliefs around money
  • Forgive your money memories
  • Heal your money “mistakes”
  • Drop the worry / doubt / fear / dread around money
  • Shift your energetically and financially draining money habits
  • Raise your vibration around money
  • Be in a community that will hold and support you as you shift your beliefs, set new goals, and learn to receive
  • Receive (a lot) more money (and all other forms of abundance) into your life
  • Then this meditation is the perfect start for  you.



How often do you ALLOW money?

Not earn money, not work for money, but ALLOW it.

Are you open to receive it? How often do you get into a really good feeling state and trust that all the abundance you could ever dream of is already circulating all around you?

How often do you go out and play, relax, and EXPERIENCE your life as if you already had 50 million in the bank?

How often do you let yourself have nothing on your schedule so that you’re fully open to breathe and listen to your desires?

How often do you remove distractions, let go of responsibilities, and go back to what it was like to be a child, knowing you were infinitely taken care of and all you had to do was just BE?

Today, the word BUSY is just as glamorous as being a multi-millionaire.

I see so many people staying busier than ever to make ends meet, to push their success forward, and fill up their days with nothing but WORK.

I know you. The person who is constantly putting MORE on your plate, even though you’re already exhausted. You’re working longer hours, just because. You’re adding more projects to your already never ending task list.

I know you, because I WAS you.

And I used to wonder why people and myself were so resistant to the good life.

When you LET GO of the belief that you must work hard in order to deserve and be worthy of money, and stay busy in order to receive abundance, you will fall into a place where you just ALLOW IT.  Start listening to this before bed; or when you are getting ready for your day in the morning; or in a place of allowing and let it sink into your Subconscious….and let this be a place for you to START your JOURNEY…

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