Thank you for being here…..We have a lot of Ground to cover so let’s get started!!

The Story behind this course…….I often go for walks with my boyfriend…and the other night we were walking downtown; and I noticed all of the offices with lights still on at 8PM!!!!!  I am not saying that with my degree in Accounting that  haven’t been one of those people before…..especially during tax season!!!  But I no longer believe after the years of waking up; and learning what I now know; that we agreed to come here (Earth) to sit for 12 hours with barely a window…..under flourescent lighting!!!!!


First off…Here is the link to my Facebook Group “Raising the Vibration”; if you would like to join with others that are taking the Classes, share what’s changing and going on for you…Ask questions…. to have “someone to talk to and listen” and of course keep learning !!! I know there are a LOT of Coaches out there that are sharing tips and pages, videos and courses on manifesting and Law of Attraction and Spirituality; and I have signed up for; and paid for many courses myself.  I am not saying that they were completely not valuable becasue you always take away something that you are meant to hear and learn…when it is time; but I find that a lot of these classes are just regurgitated information; and my goal is not to charge you thousands of dollars to keep you needing more and more information to keep growing.  My goal is to get you to a place where you can start implementing the tools I give you right aways so you can start seeing the growth and changes and manifestations in your life right away!!!!


We’ve been lied to.

We’ve been told that the only path toward success is one of buckling down, doing what you hate, spinning your wheels, and forcing your efforts……And it’s bullshit.  When I say let it be easy…I don’t mean don’t do the work.  Trust me…..I do the work.  But in the midst of work…I allow for ease.

It’s time to shift.

It’s time to play on your strengths.  It’s time to work smarter.  It’s time to create products or services based on what is innate to your soul ~ based on what you love and what you know for sure.

It’s time to drop the shame around finding the simpler (and often much easier) way of taking the path of least resistance toward your goal.  It’s time to delegate the tasks that do not thrill you.  It’s time to remove who/what drains your energy and no longer serves you.  It’s time to trust that what comes naturally and easily to you is often how you are the most useful to the World.
It’s a choice you make.  It’s a path you take.  It’s a lense through which you see the World.  You get to decide how hard it is.  If you believe it has to be hard; it will be.  If you believe there is always a simpler, smarter and easier way, it will appear before you.
Say it with me:
I lean on grace.  I trust myself.  I follow my path.  I figure it all out as I go.  I know I’m being guided.  I up my faith and trust in the divine.  I let it be easy.
Which energy do we tap into?
Which one’s the right one? 

Do we have to choose?  I feel so called to end the confusion between being a hustling entrepreneur and one that is divinely in FLOW

You want to live a better, more exciting and more fulfilling life.  However, you’re under the impression that it’s going to take blood, sweat, and tears to succeed.  That’s a HUGE misconception.  Allow me to show you another way to live the life of your wildest dreams.  Spots are limited, so save your spot RIGHT NOW! Why wait for 2020 to start manifesting your reality?? For just $20.20 you can start now and be ready when 2020 gets here!!!!
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