(Must Read) A Year of Manifestation Jupiter/Saturn Potent Cosmic Cocktail ūüĒģ ūüėČ Yes you read the headline right. This is a year of Manifestation and what you will manifest/create in your life is determined by what you do NOW. Your actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, vibrations of right Now matter and determine what you draw into your life experience later on today, tomorrow, next week; next month; next year.

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What you do today matters. The energy you hold today matters.

For your vibration today, the thoughts you hold today, the intentions and plans you make today, the actions you take today form the outcomes you will experience in the future.

We know about the laws of the universe, understand that everything is energy and that like attracts like. That your vibration matters. What you vibe, how you vibe determines what you draw into your life. The higher your vibration the more efficient and successful you are at manifesting and living your conscious creations and desires.


If you are wanting to draw into your life a romantic partner, new business or job, greater health, fun, adventure, travel, inspiration, an achievement or material possession like a new home, dream car, a loving and supportive circle of friends, vibing in fear, worry, concern, sadness, depression, jealousy, lack consciousness are unsupportive.



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Vibing in wonder, curiosity, delight, love, joy, peace, playful, grateful, satisfaction, excitement, happy, calm are the Attraction Factor you are wanting and needing to manifest your dreams and desires.


And so now that you know that game changing energies will pour upon the planet in just over a year, teeming with the right and perfect frequencies to create not just change in your life but transformation, dreams and wishes come true…

Are you committed and ready to VIBE UP and make the most of these energies?



Do you see that what you do Now matters?



How you vibe NOW matters?



The thoughts, feelings, emotions you carry NOW matter?



You are in the set up phase of this cosmic alignment.



Will you choose to manifest by default or as conscious creator?

Not only are we embarking on a new year and new decade in 2020, at the end of the year we will experience this unique cosmic event holding grand possibilities.


I really believe how we end something is how we start the next project, idea, phase in our lives.


And how we start something determines the foundation from which we  build and forms the end result.

Imagine for a moment if you start “YOUR” new year¬† in a lag, feeling down, blue, disappointed in yourself that another year has ended and you still haven’t created what you want, feeling doom and gloom about the future, worrying, judging yourself, experiencing a holiday energetic hangover of stress, fatigue and thoughts full of everything that went wrong or didn’t happen during the holidays. Money worries. Body worries. Feeling unappreciated, unloved; without family support.¬† I write here of what I know and have lived many times at the end of a year and finally broke free.

Or you can start the new year vibing high,¬†excited about what is to come, feeling aligned with the dreams and goals you want to manifest and live. Feeling good about yourself, the possibilities, living in peace, love, harmony …. the FLOW.

Which energies will support you in what you want to create and experience in your life?

I know easy question, it is the HIGH VIBE energy that supports you.


High Vibes help you to align with that which you desire and want to draw into your life.

High Vibes support you in living well now as you

are on the journey of manifestation.


High Vibes help you when challenges come, to move through them more easily.


High Vibes assist you NOW as you are creating, to enjoy life more fully.

Being a manager of your vibrations is of the utmost importance. Monitoring your vibration. Noticing what drops it low, what shoots it up up up and keeping the Vibe High.
But we don’t always make the time to observe and mange our vibrations.
We aren’t always conscious of our¬†vibration¬†slipping until we get into a puddle of heaviness.
We often get caught up and busy in life, especially at the end of the year and don’t take time for ourselves, our personal process of staying focused, aligned and High Vibe.

So I have made it easy for you and CREATED

Not one…NOT¬† TWO¬† BUT THREE 2020 Abundance Activation Guided Meditations for¬†you!!!!¬†

I recorded these live 30 minute meditation Activations specifically for the purpose of you handing over what you NEED TO LET GO OF TO THE HIGHER POWERES THAT CAN TAKE IT FROM YOU and ASK FOR WHAT YOU TRULY ARE READY TO BRING INTO YOUR LIFE NOW!¬† Remember…Everything is Already inside of You!!!!¬† Trust your Divine Voice & Giving yourself permission to speak your Truth..

Make sure you allow yourself the¬†gift¬† of each week¬†fully embracing all of it by listening to it as often as feels great to you!¬†Don‚Äôt¬†fall into the trap¬†of¬†‚Äú needing‚ÄĚ something new each time. Allow yourself the practice of consistency and repetition.

So make sure you are in a quiet zone where you can relax.


….and….. OF COURSE you will have acces to each video for your lifetime!!!



I have dedicated a lot of time and am so looking forward to working with you through this process fully, so that you can live your Best Life Ever!!!!!  


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