planets question markDid you ever wonder why certain lessons show up at certain times in your life? If you study astrology (or know someone who does), you know that there are patterns and cycles of energy that correspond to the movement of the planets.  There is currently an important cycle of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn that is affecting all of us.  This pattern of energy and the lessons it brings will be active for the next 18 months. Tune in to this webcast with Kim Roles and Tammy Manzo to learn what this cycle is all about.  You will learn how to survive it and how to thrive with it!

Tammy Manzo does astrology readings, looking at your energies from the past lives perspective, with the current life’s lessons and challenges that your soul is here to accomplish. She looks at the soul path, the life path, the wound we are here to resolve, the gifts and talents that the soul has accumulated, and then put them all together with the current energies and cycles of the planets as they move through the universe, activating the cycles of energy in your life.  In my discussion with Tammy; we will find out what the heck is going on…??? Why are things happening the way they are in our lives rght now?? Getting a new perspecive on “what’s going on” helps you live your life with more ease. grace, and flow.  Go from misery to Peace….From Anxiety to tranquility….

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