Past Life Regression Meditation for Beginners

Are you stuck in your bad habits? Held back by limiting beliefs? Trying to cope with trauma? Activate your meditation for messages of love, support and guidance from your Highest Self on how to move forward, heal and evolve your soul.



Past Life Regression Meditation for Beginners

The story behind this meditation is so personal and unbelievable not to share with you; and I hope that this resonates with you, and opens your mind to the possibility that you have access to your Higher Self to help guide you through this lifetime

and make it easy and effortless to create the life you imagine for yourself.


I had set the intention to create a Past Life regression meditation for months now.  


For those of you who are familiar with manifestation; you’ve probably tried other techniques like myself, such as vision boards, affirmations, thinking positive etc., and may have seen

some results, but never fully realized your manifested desires by doing the same ol’ thing over and over…Maybe even got frustrated and gave up all together.

I started working with a mentor who taught me about a process based on reprogramming limiting beliefs picked up in childhood, raising your self worth, unblocking, finding expanders

and more that I will get into in a later program.






What I have learned is that it’s our subconscious beliefs and our self worth, not our thoughts, that determines what we attract.  We all come into this World as whole and authentic beings.

Throughout childhood, we pick up stories, limiting beliefs, denied aspects of self, and other unhealthy programming that blocks us from being our most magnetic self.

Some of our subconscious beliefs (as I have discovered) may have even come from before this lifetime.  (I can’t say that I always believed in past lives).  I grew up in a religious household, went to Church; taught about God,

Heaven and Hell, and to be the best person while you are here because you are going to wither one place or the other!





But….Have you ever wondered why you think some of the things you do? (Like; I hate seafood and cannot reasonably explain why because I haven’t tried most of it; and it is tough living in the “Ocean State”!)

Well, through a past life regression, I found out the reason why I hate seafood, and I won’t get into it here, but it is amazing the things that you can tie to this lifetime by finding out things about your “other lives!” 








When you look at your time now; say from your age now back to the age of say 18; and you look at the times of struggle or hardship, or grief…..and you look at it very subjectively, you’ll notice a theme.  You will notice that all of these happened around a certain event, or around a certain emotion, or they brought up a certain Lesson within you , and that has all come through you through a past life!  So when you do a past life healing, or a past life “Learning”, you’re learning why something is happening and now our human mind can wrap our head around it, and understand it, and move forward from it.  It’s no longer like you are sitting around wondering “Why is this happening to me?” Now you know why, and you might not like it; but you know why, and you can take responsibility that it is here to teach you something in this lifetime to help you for your highest good, and you can process it, and move through it and move forward with an understanding, and heal it and release it.







Anyhow, along this new Journey I have opened up to many other modalities that have helped me on my path; and I want to share as I move along my Journey with as many people as I can.  I was always fascinated

with other cultures and Spiritual practices; and one of the ones that I keep being drawn back to is Shamanism.  It is through Shamanism, that I actually started doing past life regression meditations.  I have also been drawn to plant medicine; and because “like attracts like” and what you think expands…..of course I find myself

surrounded by people and podcasts and tv shows all the time recently talking about plant medicine, and I have been doing a LOT of studying up on this, and in fact, am planning a trip to the Amazon this Summer!!! (Yeah, so Excited!)





So the other night, I found myself in a dream and asking the question “Why now is plant medicine and Shamanism being brought to Western culture?”  I know that the Eastern cultures have believed and practiced for so many years; and it seems only recently has it been brought to the forefront and exposed to Western civilization.  (I cannot remember who I was having this conversation with in my dream; it may not have even been a physical being.) But, the answer woke me and I could not stop sobbing.  The answer that came through me was: “Because Mother Earth is really sick.”  And we know that, with all of the recent fires and weather and climate changes through out the world; the melting polar icecaps and icebergs, etc. to be true.

 mother earth

So, as I wrote this meditation I decided that I would sell this and donate all of the proceeds to the INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK.  For anyone who knows me personally; you may know that my son has dedicated his work since he was a teenager to Climate Control, Clean Water Action, and Environmental and Wildlife Federations Nationwide.  His most recent article featured an interview with Indigenous people here in my home state of RI  and the problem with the fossil fuel industry.







Some people go into these meditations and start getting “messages” right away.  Some people tell me that they get nothing….crickets…..

This is because you have set expectations; hold no expectations and I encourage you to write down any messages you get.  Sometimes it might just be that you think to yourself that you should not have eaten “that for lunch today; it’s not sitting well with your stomach.”  And THAT’S your message for the day!  Now you know not to eat that anymore.  Sometimes it might be that you need to drink more water, or you need to clean out your closet.  Something as simple as that.  Start writing down your messages and listening to them, and they will evolve as you do; as you open up, so do the messages.  The messages start where you are; it isn’t the other way around!


I CANNOT wait to hear stories from you as you start to uncover blocks in your life that you never thought possible………………………………………..


So much Love and Gratitude from myself……………………………meditation





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