Four years ago, I thought I knew what it meant to be my authentic self but I didn’t and I wasn’t. That was a hard pill to swallow. I was working in a job I didn’t like but pretending that I did. I would look at people that owned business and compare myself to them and everyone on on social media. I would spend my time wondering why I am “not there yet” and how did they get to live this awesome life? I felt less than, I over compensated and hid from my true feelings about myself. I knew I was meant for more and I promise you, I had NO clue what that more was. I didn’t know what my purpose or calling was and I felt so lost. Until one day while praying on this, I decided to stop comparing myself and to freaking DO something about it. I made a choice to be at cause. I committed to taking responsibility for my life. All the good and all the bad. I decided to really commit to this “manifesting thing.” Slowly but surely the universe started meeting me halfway and I began to see proof that creating my reality on purpose was working! I got so much proof that I naturally started sharing all about my journey and how the universe works. I was obsessed with sharing about manifestation until it hit me in the face one day….. This is YOUR CALLING!!!!!! To help other people wake up to the creator that they are. BOOM, it was right there all along. I went from lost, inauthentic, self doubting girl who cared way to much what other people thought to raising my vibration and being the creator of my life. It means appreciating everything that you have and being open and ready to receive more. It means taking responsibility for the things in your reality that you are not happy with and doing something about it. It means learning how to use your energy to work for you instead of against you. It means to once and for all stop caring what everyone and their mom thinks of you and for you to step into your true authentic self!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mission is to inspire and coach people to create their life on purpose with purpose. My passion and reason for living is to help others awaken to their true self and unlimited potential. I am so honored to have this introduction with you and it is 100% not by mistake! Oh yes, I believe in divine guidance, divine timing and the law of attraction (duhhh)! I am here to help you, help you! Yes, you read that properly.

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I get it…

You have a million fears, blocks and old stories that make you feel like you are stuck in your career; your life.

You want things to be easier, more effortless and full of flow. You keep asking yourself HOW to make that happen, but you find yourself stuck and often settling for less than you deserve.

How do I let go of my fears?
How do I build my confidence?
How do I finally become that woman I always wanted to be in life and business?

How? How? How?

Do I invest in a coach?
Do I buy a book?
Do I go to a retreat?
Where do I start?

What do I do FIRST?

Before I allowed myself permission to quit my full time 6 figure salary Corporate job because I knew it was not following my Soul’s calling, I spent months spinning my wheels trying to find the confidence and inner healing I know I needed to be successful. I saw other people doing what I wanted to do in their businesses, and I knew that there was something different about them… some inner knowing and leadership that I needed to find within myself.
If this is you babe, listen: You are exactly where you are supposed to be. 




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  1. A seven Module reconditioning series with videos and hypnosis for the subconscious mind

  2. The Journey Through the 7 Chakras Entire Program.

  3. Spiritual Rituals Course with A 26 page personal ebook written for you on How to Live A Miraculous Life – What are the 4 Major Steps and how to Navigate through them

  4. The manifestation check .pdf from The Universe that I used to manifest 6 figures in one year.

5. BONUS: Three Meditations to recondition your mind and manifest your desired reality. OFFERS VALUED AT $367.19 FOR $111!


 OFFERS VALUED AT $367.19  FOR $111!



 P.S. Even if you have just one of these programs already, I still highly suggest grabbing the bundle. Imagine where you will be next year jumping into 2020 with a bang like this!

I love you so much. And I want you to know you can have it all!!

***If you already have purchased part of this bundle; and still want to purchase a portion, please email me for a great price!!!!!

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How many times have you told yourself or have believed the following about your  dreams?

I’m not good enough for my desires. 

I’m not really good at______(fill in the blank.)

-I don’t think I can _____(fill in the blank)

If you are telling yourself any of these things, it’s time to correct the old story once and for all, and Register Below……..



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I was constantly hustling and struggling to feel good enough.

I had tons of doubts, fears and insecurities that kept me stuck and blocked in my business.

I wanted to heal those old stories, but I was totally stuck.

I promised myself I would spend the rest of my life helping women reclaim their power!

The INNER work is what leads to success.

Time and time again.
 Imagine where you would be with the right support to correct your mindset.
Are you ready to become a manifesting magnet?
Are you ready to finally let go of your fears, blocks and resistance?
Are you ready to create success?????
It starts here.  In our 7 Part Video Module Series we Start by Changing your Mindset…..
If you are ready to create, it starts from within.
If you’re feeling a little confused, or your not really sure what kind of mindset you’re operating from, take a look at this list.

7 signs you’re operating from a scarcity driven mindset:

1. Anytime you do something, you ask “what’s in it for me?” If the rewards aren’t great enough for you,
you’ll pass on the opportunity to give/help.
2. You easily get caught up in what everyone else is doing. If someone is doing better than you, you feel
like crap. If you’re doing better than someone else, you feel accomplished. Comparisonitis is the name of
your game.
3. You’re a classic penny pincher. You stress out over spending just a little bit extra than you think you
should spend, and have to make sure every bill is split exactly to the penny amongst your group when
you do a group activity.
4. You haven’t yet started the career or business of your dreams because you keep thinking, “It’s already
been done before and someone has already done it better than I ever could.”
5. You spend your money as easily as it comes in or you’re a classic hoarder of your cash. You don’t
believe you’ll ever have enough so you make decisions about money in the NOW.
6. You take the DIY approach to everything. You would rather spend 10 years of your life learning
something, rather than pay someone to learn it in a few months. You thrive off of taking the cheaper
route, but don’t notice that it’s also cutting into your most valuable resource—time, therefore, not actually
7. You’re in a constant state of stress over the details of everything, stuck worrying about the “how” of life.
How you’re going to afford something and how life is finally going to give you your next break. You don’t
trust that the Universe is the provider of your needs.

In the 7 Part Chakra Series……We will learn the Physical Characteristics and what can happen /what causes occur when each Chakra is out of balance

We will talk about healing strategies………And end each class with a Guided meditation to get that chakra clean, and clear spinning in the right direction!



I will also include pdf’s for you to have so you do not have to memorize everything ….and….. OF COURSE you will have access to each video for your lifetime!!!

I have dedicated a lot of time and am so looking forward to working with you through this process fully, so that you can live your Best Life Ever!!!!!


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