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Be the future, be the answer, set the example.


I believe that it was Whitney Houston who said “I believe that children are our future…”  This is a beautiful sentiment and a beautiful song, however, what does Yoga say about this?


Yoga says that only the experience of Truth happening in the present moment is True.  So how does one interact with children of all ages; 1 day to 100 years?  Teach by being right now what you want them to grow into!


Be the future, be the answer, set the example. Then your future, their future, the worlds future is indeed ensured.  As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


I’ve had the great pleasure of spending many years working with children of all ages and abilities.  Children with severe developmental disabilities to teaching kids yoga.  What I’ve learned along the way is that I always teach who I am and what I need to learn.  Yoga means union and when can union happen but in the present moment?


Whether you are in front of a class teaching or showing your child how to tie her shoes, or responding to being laid off from work while your child sits in the background playing, you are teaching.  What do you want to teach?  Peace or conflict?  That happiness comes later on or can be experienced right now?  The best teachers do as they say, so set that example for everyone in your life that the experience of Peace is happening right now!

I offer kids classes on the following!

Each class or workshop aims to build self-esteem, encourages healthy expression, supports physical and emotional growth and development and most of all, it’s fun!

Children are guided through the world of fairytales, music, art, dance, meditation and open talks.

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