Yoga Nidra

Stress Reduction, Improved Health, Improved Sleep

Welcome to Yoga Nidra: An ancient, sleep-based guided mindfulness meditation practice that is now being used by corporate executives, military veterans, elementary school children, and the terminally ill. Many who have personally experienced Yoga Nidra tout its litany of benefits. And they are not the only ones: Neuroscientists are now proving that a single Yoga Nidra session can replace hours of sleep, and that regular practice can reverse anxiety, depression, PTS, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. The best part? The practice is available to anyone with 30 minutes and a comfortable place to lie down.

For This Practice You Will Need:

  1. Space where you can be undisturbed, and can lie down (if possible) in order to get as comfortable as possible for 30 minutes.
  2. Any props that will support your body – i.e. bolster under knees for tight low back, pillow under head, blanket to cover body. (Optional)
  3. Eye pillow to shield external light. (Optional) I’ve found this really helps to turn our awareness inward. That idea of pratyahara – or withdrawing from external stimuli.

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