Helping everyone achieve their own magic within…

through wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

I want to Show you all that I have learned through my Journey so that you too can Manifest your best life ever!

Start your journey NOW.

Right where you are now, whatever you have believed about yourself, whatever you long for…


Have faith that you can become the most amazing version of the person and life you see in your dreams and are afraid might never become true.

We will do this TOGETHER.


What I Offer:


Do you find yourself starting diets; having the right intentions that THIS time you are going to stick to it and finally drop down to that Comfortable Healthy weight that makes you truly happy????


And after maybe a month of doing really really well….you stop???


WHY is that???


Could we stop blaming every failed diet, on hunger, cravings or lack of willpower?
If any of these questions resonate with you, then you could benefit from a Health Coach like me.  One thing I’ve learned on this journey of fitness and weight loss is that it’s not about being better than someone else… it’s about being better than you used to be.


You are what you eat, how you eat, your thoughts about what you are eating and how you are eating, your eating environment and soooo much more!


One day at a time. It’s never too late to have your best body yet, to feel better than ever before. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s possible. ❤️

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Manifesting Your Dreams

Were you ever told that you shouldn’t want more? “Work hard at school, get a good job, maybe get married, buy a house, raise a family.”


But have you stopped to consider what that future looks like and if it’s what you really want? Think for a moment about the life you have now. Is this your
dream life… and if not… why not?


Do you have faith that your dream will be yours?

The truth is, if you are not living your life with passion, you are missing out. We all have a life plan…The Universe is supplying you with ample opportunities for growth. We are actually manifesting all of the time!


Don’t you wish you could live more of your dream life and less of your current reality?


If that sounds like you, I Invite you to Join me as I give you high vibe, Inspired content all year long…..that is infused with the energy of shifting, elevating, receiving…..
With full access to the systems, structures, mindset, energy and strategies…… Manifest Miracles Workshops and events dive deep in the study of faith and the mastery of manifestation.

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Is it time to OPEN YOUR EYES??

Once you declare that you are willing to be guided, many synchronicities will begin to unfold for you. But what can often happen is we fall into doubt (this is lack based thinking.)


We doubt that we deserve the support. We doubt that Spirit is there for us. We doubt that we have the ability to listen to that guidance. When we fall into doubt we restrict our energy field and shut down to the synchronicities and guidance around us that are CONSTANTLY informing us.


So how can you stay in an abundant mindset so that you are able to receive that guidance?

About Kim Roles

Let me help guide you…


Drawing from my own spiritual training as a student and teacher; I offer a series of healthy guided meditations to help reduce stress, manage chronic pain, overcome anxiety and depression, connect with your Higher Self, sleep, and much more! The meditations are easy to follow, guided meditations for all levels of meditation experience.

Upcoming + Past Events


Is Negative Energy Draining you? Find out how to protect yourself

Raise the Bar Nutrition
5:00 To 6:30

Do you ever feel like negativity is draining your energy and dragging you down? Do you find that just being around certain people or scenarios makes you feel tired and down? In our culture, we don’t acknowledge the invisible energy we as humans send out every day. But thoughts and emotions, even when well concealed, can have a real impact on others as well as the surrounding environment.



January 6, 2019

It’s time to clear out the energies of the past year, so that you can truly begin anew... Get ready to be restored and inspired — when you join us for a LIVE Clearing and Blessing for the New Year. This clearing and blessing experience will allow you to FULLY receive the healing wisdom of the Universe, as you cross over into a New Year and navigate new opportunities and challenges.



November 30, 2018

Igniting your goals, dreams + desires starts with intention. It also starts with an understanding of the process -- how our thoughts, energy + vibration create our outer world. This video e-course is the perfect gift to give to yourself as we complete the old year and get ready for a new beginning


How Fear is Holding Us Back From Achieving Our Goals

Raise The Bar Nutrition
6:00PM To 7:30PM
October 4, 2018

Surrender fear + get unstuck. A workshop.

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Kimberlee Korner

Helping everyone achieve their own magic within...through wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness.


I want to Show you all that I have learned through my Journey so that you too can Manifest your best life ever!

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